11 Interior Design Ideas That You Might Find Useless in the Future

Each one of us is trying not only to make our home cosy but also comfortable. Many ads and websites on the internet, billboards, movies, and TV series currently provide us with numerous ideas on building our spot. Unfortunately, some modern thoughts and interior design might turn out to be useless from a practical point of view, and you might feel regretful about the wasted time and money after implementing them into your life.

Stone sink with a flat bottom

Indeed, this type of sink looks useful and trendy, but after a little while, it has a significant downside that person learns about. Due to the flat bottom, it is tough to keep it clean, the water does not drain completely, and a small amount of it remains, resulting in the presence of unsightly looking build-up. Moreover, cleaning out the leftovers of soapy foam from sink corners is not always easy. This means you’ll have to choose between beauty and practicality.

Carpets in the entranceway

We also see soft carpeting on the floor in the movies or on TV shows in the entranceways. It still looks neat. But not all countries have spotless streets, and using carpets in corridors is not necessarily the best choice if there is any dirt left on your shoe soles. Besides, many harmful bacteria carried on their paws if there are pets at home that often go for a walk. Therefore, carpet floor covering looks beautiful on the large screen and does not seem to need careful maintenance, but it has to be cleaned every week or 2. It’s a shame people only hear about this after they have already begun using it.

Light seams between tiles in the bathroom

In photographs, a light bathroom always looks good, mainly when the floor is white. However, the tiles’ seams begin to darken due to the intense humidity and hard water, as plaque and mould are formed. As a consequence, over time, the bathroom loses its appealing appearance. Instead, consider using a darker grout to keep your bathroom for a more extended period looking new.

Glass table in the kitchen

As it lets the light through, a glass table looks elegant. But at the same time, items like fingerprints, dust, and streaks can still be visible on its surface. You’re unlikely to be able to clean this kind of tabletop nicely with a regular cloth. You’re going to have to use special cleaning agents and microfiber wipes or lay a tablecloth over it, but the thought of buying a glass table is pointless in this situation. In reality, the space above our kitchen cabinets is unused. That is why a smarter idea is to make such cabinets tall enough to reach the ceiling. Not only will you then be able to increase the ceiling height visually, but you will also be able to save yourself the trouble of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. However, bear in mind that it is necessary to leave some space between the opening of the cabinet doors and the recessed lighting.

Open shelves

We all know the expression “There’s no such thing as too much storage.” We end up designing multiple shelves according to this maxim, where we can put all the necessary items neatly. It could be convenient and elegant at first glance; you can see all, and it suits the overall design. But when the next cleaning comes, these shelves turn into a headache due to the enormous amount of dust accumulated on them.

Hot tub with hydromassage

It isn’t easy to imagine a person who has never dreamed of a jacuzzi at home. After a long day at work, it will help you relax and eliminate tension when lying in warm water. Some individuals also plan their bathrooms around these tubs, which cost a lot of cash by the way. But over time, it turns out that special care is needed for the systems in the tub. The more protruding parts of the hydromassage elements there are on the bath’s snow-white surface, the more plaque and fungus will accumulate there.

Silk bed linens

We are used to knowing that natural silk bed linens are a mark of luxury and exquisite taste. We bet you’ve even considered buying such a package at least once in your life. Movies and series show us that when it comes to their beds, affluent individuals opt for silk. But since silk bed linens crease and remain cold to the touch, this option is impractical. And their main drawback is that they’re too slippery.

Beds with a broad base

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which is why we should choose stuff like our bed very carefully and wisely. People have recently begun to opt for podium-style beds, partly due to ads, since this furniture looks unusual and trendy. Practice reveals, however, that sitting on and getting up from it is incredibly uncomfortable.

Closets with big mirrors

Closets with large mirror doors are a reasonably common interior solution that visually expands the room’s borders. However, this visual trick also has its drawbacks, as the traces of hands and dust on this large surface would be very noticeable. Even getting it cleaned several times a week will not help to get rid of this problem. Besides, the mirrored doors are costly.

A black glossy stone countertop

The first words which come to mind when we see a black stone countertop are stylish, trendy, and rich. That’s why people are opting for it more and more. However, it becomes evident after a little while that this option was incorrect because any drop of water that gets on its surface and dries leaves streaks and stains. It also means you’ll have to wash and wipe the area around the sink continuously.

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