Day: May 25, 2022

House cleaning Lifestyle Sustainable environment

What Are the 5 Things That a Deep Clean Should Always Include?

Most individuals have a regular home cleaning regimen that involves basic organising, tidying, and straightening up, but every now and then we need to undertake a deep house cleaning to remove undesired filth, grime, and bacteria. A thorough house cleaning is a great way to reset the energy in your home so you can feel […]

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Architecture Construction

Malaysia’s top 10 architecture firms

Architects play an important role in developing aesthetic and practical environments for work, play, and life itself, from ancient buildings to stunningly magnificent skyscrapers and marvellously constructed buildings. Their works of art elicit amazement, adoration, and even pride among the general public, demonstrating creativity at its best.  Have you ever pondered who the face or […]

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Lifestyle Office Renovation

Interior Design Trends 2022: New Office Decor Ideas

1. Go green and natural Keeping everything eco-friendly and natural is one of the most popular trends in 2022, and that trend extends to the home office. There are several approaches to this. Wood furniture, realistic wallpapers, and a plethora of plants may all be used in the office. This makes the entire workplace seem […]

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Human Resource & Manpower Lifestyle

How Smart Home System Help With Parenting

Technology has advanced significantly since the days when parents had to contact babysitters on a corded phone to keep an eye on their children while they were gone. Clever gadgets are being used by many smart homes to care after their children and keep the family safe. Those smart gadgets are also energy saving devices. […]

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