Month: December 2022

photo of an industrial factory emitting smoke
Construction Engineering


在马来西亚投资工厂之前,外国投资者应了解工厂必须满足的具体要求。 许多工厂生产的标准产品可能不适合您的业务。 如有必要,可以扩展或修改工厂以更好地满足您的需求。

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马来西亚一直是投资东盟地区的理想之地。 马来西亚发达的基础设施和极具吸引力的投资政策使其成为极具吸引力的投资目的地。 此外,马来西亚拥有大量拥有永久产权的工业用地,这也是外国投资者喜欢投资马来西亚的原因之一

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Human Resource & Manpower

Why Do Manpower Agencies Need to Exist?

The future of labour services has recently been a hot topic in Malaysia. The government appears committed to progressively reducing its reliance on foreign labour, which could be bad news for some organisations and businesses. Many of them have voiced their dissatisfaction with the way these authorities have handled the issue of Malaysia’s labour shortage. […]

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