Certificate of Competence is Like a Warrant

If a qualified engineer wishes to practice and provide professional engineering services, he/she must complete the professional competency exam (PCE) for the purpose of obtaining practicing certificate of the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) at the second level. This credential is like a license, and the applicant must apply annually for the renewal of the credential and must have at least 50 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) a year.

Worth of Professional Engineer title to business

  • Improved core competitiveness such as skilled and technical personnel’s quantity and efficiency is directly related to the company’s research and development expertise, the effective bid capability, market share etc.
  • Approval of national licenses for new research and development facilities, such as
    construction sector certification programs, repairs, improvements, manufacturing
    technology enterprises etc. The country needs a range of professionals with
    appropriate technical engineering titles.
  • Constructing a continual talent echelon, including reserve-related talent echelon,
    dramatically reduces the risk of loss of professional and technical talents (for example the resignation, work shifting, casualties, etc.).
  • Public financial and tax assistance in some countries. In other countries, you may
    apply for national high-tech companies for advanced qualifications and qualified
    personnel and receive regional tax cuts and talent subsidies
  • Providing real business income including engineering and bidding requires
    professional workers with appropriate titles as qualified engineers.

Worth of professional engineer title to individuals

  • Boost career prospects and employability
    Professional engineers will demonstrate to employers that they have the expertise,
    experience and abilities required for today’s technical and engineering needs.
    Professional credentials improve your resume and can provide additional incentives for work, career growth and promotion.
  • Increased earning potential
    Salaries range from 3,870 MYR (lowest average) to 9,300 MYR (highest average,
    actual maximum salary is higher). This is the monthly average salary including lodging,transportation, and other benefits. Salaries differ greatly between engineering professions.
    (Retrieved from
  • Capabilities internationally recognised
    Registered professionals and engineers have relatively high international mobility andtheir technological skills are not challenged even though they have no experience working in other countries.
  • Supreme honours
    Local authorities, business experts and the entire society’s appreciation of academic
    level, job capability and efficiency of professional and technical workers.
  • Encouraging status
    If an expert in a specific industry category, the status stands out among peers.

In short, getting a designation as a professional engineer means you have specialized engineering skills. The certificate itself does not depreciate from the present view, but human knowledge depreciates.

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