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Architectural design or any type of architectural services is one of the most significant parts of any building construction. Architectural service not only plays an important role in the building & construction sectors but is also heavily relied on for marketing purposes. These include developing the architectural design drafted or conceptual design in 3D, ranging from the plan, landscape design, and interior design. Unlike the old days, architectural design can now be drafted on the computer using software for architectural design such as Auto CAD, 3D Studio max, and so on.

Architecture services Malaysia

Firstly, we need to learn what conceptual architectural design is. Conceptual architectural design is the initial stage of any infrastructure or construction being built, it is typically the transformation of the idea and concept into a design drafted. After the conceptual architectural design has been completed, there comes the process of creating a comprehensive construction model. Construction design consists of a series of drawing descriptions, including a complete drawings of construction, roof plan, site plan, electrical plan, elevations, piping, and layout. This part of the process in a later stage is critical for the quality of the building.

Building information modeling (BIM), BIM is considered as the most important part of any construction project. Building information modeling is the collection of all related data and elements of a building or infrastructure into a single model. BIM will provide a virtual feeling of how a model will look and function. An effective building information modeling can contribute to the cost saving and time saving for a construction project. People are usually using the software like Revit Architecture to create the BIM.

Architecture Drawing Malaysia

3D modeling and rendering plays an important role in improving the architectural model or design layout visually. The 3D modeling and rendering will visually construct a building’s interior and exterior, the project environment, furniture inside an entity, vehicle or peoples, and water or sky around the building. Architectural 3D modeling is commonly used for marketing purposes such as brochure or flyer images.

An architectural company with experience and skills in Malaysia can help you to complete the project in every aspect of your architectural service and eventually reduce the possibility of additional sources like material money and time.