Growth of Construction Sector in Malaysia


The economics today seems doomed & gloom, however the global construction sector is witnessing rapid growth, with developing & emerging economies, notably witnessing the increasing implementation of construction projects across the globe.

Besides, the rapidly increasing population, especially in urban areas and cities has resulted in increasing demand for more developed smart infrastructure which is well-designed and functional In spaces. The civil engineering & architectural services play an important role in the smart planning of construction activity with before any construction project begins.

Architectural consultancy engineering consultancy Malaysia are witnessing increasing demand, according to a report by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). The growth of the Malaysia construction sector across both commercial and residential buildings have been observed to be one of the significant factors driving growth of the market locally. Today, with the involvement of IT technology and rapid advancements tools and systems in the engineering & construction industry, it is further contributed and assists to the market growth.

New residential area and buildings are expected to increase due to increasing urbanization in emerging economies. Growth of purchasing power is also one of the factors which resulting in the demand for more residential spaces.

The increased investments from the government in updating infrastructure, implementing new smart cities and increase efficiency of the public transport system are welcomed by the architectural market as well as engineering industry.

The market has its potential and are expected to further its growth over the coming years. Focus in particular is on engineering consultancy services, and project planning which is expected to be supported by advanced technology and architectural software.

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