How to Install Carpet Properly

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Carpet and carpet tiles should always be installed as close to the occupied area or building as possible.

Site Conditions

Unpack the material at least 24 hours before installation and allow it to acclimate to room temperature. The product should be installed in a room with a minimum temperature of 18°C and a maximum relative humidity of 65%. A minimum floor temperature of 10°C should be maintained.

Most carpet tiles can be installed on floors with underfloor heating, as long as the floor’s maximum working temperature does not exceed 27°C. The heating system should be turned off for at least 48 hours before installation.

As the final outcome of carpet installation is heavily reliant on the quality of the sub-floor, proper preparation of this surface is very important.

  1. The floor should be clean, level, and dry, with no pollutants like adhesives, oil, grease, or polish. When tested using a hygrometer, a new concrete slab should have a moisture content of less than 75% relative humidity.
  2. Dusty floors and absorbent surfaces should be wiped clean and the surface must be sealed with an approved sealer. Allow the sealer to dry completely before applying any tackifier or adhesive system.
  3. Concrete screeds should be in good condition. Any damaged areas or holes should be repaired with an approved levelling compound (at least 3mm thick).
  4. Remove existing flooring.
  5. The floorboards should be level and securely fastened. Uneven surfaces should be levelled using 6mm plywood, which may need to be sealed to avoid absorption of applied tackifier or glue.

Carpet tiles fitting

The tiles can finally be installed using standard fitting techniques once the working area has been coated with a tackifier and the application is completely dry. A permanent bond will be formed if the tiles are installed early, which is when the tackifier is still wet. It is recommended to use tackifier to provide all-over coverage. Raised access floor panels must be treated with care to ensure that the tackifier does not enter the joins between adjacent panels while wet.

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