Learn about your seasonal colour personality and how it can help you decorate your home.


Have you ever wanted to start a house renovation but been stumped by the colour selection? Do you prefer a dark and moody look, a minimalist and white look, or a bright and colourful look? You could use colour psychology to help you make your decision.

Sophie Robinson, an interior designer and colour advocate, has collaborated with interiors brand Habitat to launch a month-long project aimed at helping interior lovers discover their ‘colour personality.’

Which colour personality do you have?

Angela Wright, a colour psychologist and pioneer, believes that different colours correspond to different personalities. Wright divided the personality types into four groups: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, using seasonal colour palettes found in nature to reflect each personality group’s colour preferences and energetic styles. Look at the descriptions below to see which colour personality you have to help you with your interior design.

  1. Spring personality

Character traits – Energetic, alive, and optimistic.

Colour – Colours that are warm but clear and have a lightness to them.

Interior design – There is a lot of natural light, new designs, and busy, energetic prints. Furniture with clean lines in pale woods or painted, many glass surfaces, smooth, shiny textures, and an overall modern yet welcoming style appeal to this personality type.

  1. Summer personality

Character traits – Graceful, elegant, and reserved, with a strong affinity for nature.

Colour – Summer personalities prefer muted and subtle colours, as well as painterly and flowing patterns.

Interior design – They prefer a soft, floaty, and romantic style, but they also appreciate a touch of formality and symmetrical arrangements and structure.

  1. Autumn personality

Character traits – They are passionate about art and education, and they have a strong connection to nature.

Colour – Rich, deep colours

Interior design – They adore a rustic aesthetic that honours craftsmanship and heritage.

  1. Winter personality

Character traits – Extreme, self-assured, love drama

Colour – Colours are sharp, cool, and bright, and they go well with bold patterns like geometrics.

Interior design – They prefer heavy furniture with a textured finish and bold design statements.