Our Partners

As a step to expanding our network, we actually partnering and co-operating with others alliances in order to cover the much demanding market as well as offering quality renovation services covering in all renovation aspects. Our alliances renovation partner is located all around in Malaysia as well as some partners in Singapore.


1) Plumber 24 Hrs – On call 24/7 to react promptly to your plumbing emergencies. Plumber 24 Hrs will attend to emergency needs around Singapore whеthеr in thе home оr іn the wоrkрlасе.

Phone: (65) 8339 9857
Website: https://www.plumber24hrs.com.sg/
Email: enquiry@plumber24hrs.com.sg



2) HDB 24 Hrs Plumber Service – A team of accredited plumbers with over 25 years of plumbing experiences in Singapore. There are not only registered water services plumber licensed by the Water Department, Public Utilities Board (PUB) but also HDB registered renovation contractor.

Phone: (+65) 8299-8809
Website: https://hdbplumberservice.com.sg/
Email: enquiry@hdbplumberservice.com.sg


Electrician Singapore


3) With over 18 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your electrical needs. We provide a professional electrician service for private and commercial customers.

As one of the top electrician Singapore, our team provide all electrical work accordingly to Singapore’s regulations, therefore you can entrust your work to us at ease. We make sure to deliver all work on time and as promise. Make your appointment with us now!

Phone: (+65) 8339 8508
Website: https://www.24hrselectrician.com.sg/
Email: enquiry@24hrselectrician.com.sg