PU Grouting & PU Injection


What is PU Grouting or PU Injection, also known as Polyurethane Grouting Injection?

PU grouting is a specialised technique that includes injecting expanding polyurethane to fill holes under slabs, in concrete joints, and behind walls and joints to prevent water from running down or through them. This technique is highly helpful and efficient when applied to the bottom or negative side of the water seepage, such as from the lower floor ceiling or the underside of leaking walls, for problems involving neighbours on the upper and lower floors or in inter-floor water leakages. On the bottom of the ceiling, a pre-drilled hole will be made, and the PU grout will be injected using low and high pressure. The gap, fissure, or space left by the water damage will then be completely filled by the expanding grout. Concrete cracks or expansion joints that are leaking actively can be fixed using this PU injection.

Waterproofing Specialises in PU Grouting and PU injection Services

We specialise in using PU injection to seal water-bearing cracks and joints in masonry, screed, or concrete. We can also assist with the opening and resealing of damaged or broken fake ceilings as well as with other false ceiling repair work.

PU Grouting Concrete Crack Injection Technique:

Concrete cracks develop over time as a result of environmental factors such heat movement, drying shrinkage, and additional reasons like nearby building or repair projects. If the issue is not serious, it will be a small one and won’t result in any immediate troubles or problems. But with time, these slight fissures frequently grow into much larger issues, leading to structural issues such as weakened structural integrity brought on by water seepage.

BRS offer full PU injection / PU grouting services, utilising the best tools and latest technology to employ fillers for gaps, cavities, and cracks in structures as well as to permanently connect concrete and other materials.