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The year 2020 heralded a sea change in the way enterprises were conducted. Businesses had to go back to the drawing board to plot and reconsider how to properly offer their products and services to the general public as the government imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Now it’s 2021, and nothing has changed. In business and education, Zoom is still the favored method of communication. Individuals and families in Malaysia and beyond are still being asked to stay at home, limit outings to a bare minimum, wear facemasks and use social distancing when required, and follow safe COVID-19 prevention methods in general. You have a key role to play in ensuring that government directives aimed at limiting the spread of the virus are not only followed but also carried out in a way that is consistent with your company’s ideals and brand.

Businesses must demonstrate their unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of their employees and consumers now more than ever. Fortunately, this is a job that may be fulfilled in a variety of ways. In light of this, there’s a few suggestions for renovating or reorganizing your offices and facilities to better meet the present atmosphere.

Changing Workplaces

It’s no easy task to run a firm. While most of your goals are geared on meeting the demands of customers, you also have a responsibility to the people who work for you. Open floor plans with unstructured sitting areas were formerly popular, but such ideas are clearly no longer acceptable in today’s culture.

Of course, we can see how working in close quarters with your team could have generated a sense of trust and contributed to team spirit in the past. However, under this new normal, such proximity could hasten the virus’s spread. This, in and of itself, would be bad for your company’s public image and overall progress.

The increased emphasis in Malaysia on reducing physical contact and encouraging social distance necessitates the need to renovate your office and workstations to give more space between your employees. This may necessitate changes to office environments such as the introduction of conventional wood-paneled cubicles or transparent dividers.

Another important step in safeguarding the safety of your employees is to provide portable hand washing and sanitizing stations that can be wheeled around as needed.

Aside from minimizing contact between employees during working hours, you must also guarantee that the air quality in your office buildings is operating in the best interests of the inhabitants’ health. Inadequate ventilation or malfunctioning ventilation systems can cause air pollution problems.

In addition, poor indoor air circulation can raise the chances of contracting the Coronavirus. As a result, it’s critical to revisit these issues and ensure that your employees and clients are safe and comfortable.

Taking a Second Look at Accessibility

The layout of your office building’s entrance is just as significant as the arrangement of the structure itself. How well prepared are you to meet the special requirements of people with disabilities? Is it possible to reach your entrances in a wheelchair?

Do you have ramps and safety rails in place to help the physically challenged get around safely? Are there directional markers and signs that can successfully communicate information to the visually impaired? All of these and other concerns must be addressed when contemplating the changes that must be done in order to prepare your company for the new normal.

When thinking about accessibility, it’s helpful to think about it from the perspective of people with disabilities. Your commitment to the safety of your clients and staff should be all-encompassing, and as a result, here are a few improvements to think about:

Installing Contactless Doors is a good idea.

In the COVID age, a contactless door entry system is an excellent solution for hygiene concerns as well as free mobility of people into and out of your office building. The doors can be set to only let anyone enter who have the right credentials.

Not only will this increase security by limiting entry to certain areas of the building to unqualified personnel, but the contactless nature of the doors will also help reduce infection.

Entrances and waiting spaces should be redesigned to meet the needs of people who use mobility devices.

While automatic entryways, clearly defined parking spaces, and wheelchair ramps can help the physically challenged get into your office, it’s also important to make sure your waiting rooms and other areas are as accessible and comfortable.

Ascertain that the building’s spaces will allow for the use of wheelchairs and other mobility devices while still allowing for social separation.

Introduce Different Types of Signage

Providing information in a variety of formats can make it easier for people to get to, from, and around your business. Ascertain that all occupants are aware of the importance of maintaining social distance, and establish signage that recognizes and respects the diversity of those who utilize the area.

Renovating Public Toilets / Restrooms

In this COVID era, we at Yhkrenovation understand that key considerations in building renovations and construction have been redefined. Previously, convenience, durability, and making the most of available space were all factors in business bathroom design.

Those issues are now being replaced by limiting the amount of surfaces one comes into contact with and allowing enough space between bathrooms to avoid physical contact. Restrooms are one of the most expensive areas of an office building to furnish, and they’re also one of the most prone to break down over time.

Where once the location of restrooms within rooms was a top priority, the COVID-19 virus will force you to reconsider touchpoints and how people navigate through the facility to reach the restrooms.

The privacy of users will be prioritized in a socially distant bathroom. Large multi-user bathrooms will have to be replaced with single-user facilities. This can be accomplished by placing separators between sinks and other restroom facilities.

More space between sinks, touchless faucets, and hand drying fixtures should all be included in bathroom renovations in Malaysia. Long these qualities have been there for a while, they have become increasingly important in the current climate.

To reduce touchpoints and congestion in the washroom, one-stop handwashing technology that allows users to wet, lather, and dry their hands without moving to different fixtures would be beneficial.

Existing Structures Restructuring

Every competent business owner or manager is always looking for methods to expand and grow their company. If business has been solid and you’ve managed to maintain a firm foothold in your industry despite the epidemic, now is as good a time as any to renovate.

A renovation allows you to discover weak areas in the building, improve obsolete features, and offer modern amenities that will boost your brand’s attractiveness and attract new customers. It’s all too easy to get carried away with a restoration project’s budgetary demands.

Another important factor to consider while upgrading restrooms is air purification. To promote airflow and the formation of mold on surfaces, purification equipment and ventilation fans are required.

Years of experience in the building sector, on the other hand, has given us a more defined point of view. Restructuring a current structure is an investment that will pay off in the short and long term for you and your organization. Here are a few reasons why you should really consider it right now:

Attract new customers

A recently remodeled office facility piques the eye of onlookers and potential customers. Bright colors and a fresh design are surefire ways to pique people’s interest in your company. Curiosity may entice people to come see you and learn more about the services you provide. In essence, repurposing an existing structure is a marketing opportunity and a platform for you to promote your business.

Boost your cost-effectiveness

Green technology makes it easier to run an energy-efficient business, and you can find a variety of items that can help you reduce your company’s energy consumption. You may significantly minimize energy expenditures by installing such energy-efficient enhancements in your workplace space.

Building a New Structure

We’ve discussed some of the advantages of renovating an existing structure. But what if your business’s expansion ambitions necessitate the construction of a new structure? We understand that creating a brand new office building for your company has a lot more advantages than leasing.

Building your own business property provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to design a location that is entirely yours. Rather than relying on a pre-existing structure, you can experiment with customization choices that might otherwise be unavailable. Having ownership of your facility also allows you to expand and grow your business.

Final Thoughts

Do any of the options listed above apply to you? Are you unsure how to start retrofitting your company to comply with ever-changing government regulations? Are you thinking of expanding your business? Yhkrenovation can assist you in putting your ideas into action based on your specific needs.

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