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Top 10 Architectural Firm in Malaysia

Went you look at a building, have you ever wondered who the face or firm that builds/contrasts such a beautiful and significant building? Here we list the top 10 Architectural firms in Malaysia. While reading our articles you’ll discover some of the talented architecture firms behind the iconic buildings. 1. IPM Professional Services IPM is […]

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Architecture Construction

What does an architectural firm do?

An architectural firm or architecture firm in Malaysia is employing one or more licensed architects and practising the architecture profession. In contrast, an architectural firm offers architectural services in other countries such as the United Kingdom. If the term architect or architect appears somewhere within its title or definition, an architecture firm must employ licensed architects. […]

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Find a good architecture firm in Malaysia
Architecture Construction

Tips to Find an Architecture Firm

One of the most fundamental aspects of any construction project is the selection of the right architectural firm. Only a qualified and experienced architect can design the building in a unique way. Being sure you have the right architect for your specific requirements is important. The specialist you are recruiting should have a good understanding […]

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Architecture and Engineering ? Construction
Construction Engineering

When you need engineering services?

To remain focused on the present market, organizations are winding up progressively in getting new products to the market. As the issues of time constraint & limitation in the resources kick in, which will make them wonder, “When would it be advisable for us to think about using engineering services?” When you are lacking-off in-house expertise. […]

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Architecture services Malaysia

Complete Architecture Services

Architectural design or any type of architectural services is one of the most significant parts of any building construction. Architectural service not only plays an important role in building & construction sectors but is also heavily relied on for marketing purposes

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