Top 10 Grille Work/Installer in Ipoh

SaHa Welding

Saha Welding excels in diverse services, offering finely crafted gates, functional awnings, custom projects, wiring, home renovations, and new house design and construction. With a meticulous approach, they also handle drawing plans and obtaining approvals, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive solutions with a blend of precision and creativity.

Good jobs

Asep Ohan
HASM ENTERPRISE welding ipoh

HASM ENTERPRISE in Ipoh specializes in crafting, installing, and repairing various iron works, including grills, awnings, fences, and other iron structures. Their services cater to the needs of those seeking quality and reliable solutions in the realm of metal fabrication and installations.

The best.. the best after service

Mior Enna

It's neat...I can do it again later

Faiz Hilmi


Muhammad Ilylias Muhammad Darek

The best

Abdul Manaf Sapiai

RMT WORK WELDING SHOP excels in stainless steel and various types of iron works, showcasing expertise in the fabrication and installation of awnings. Their specialization in working with stainless steel underscores a commitment to durable and high-quality metal structures, meeting diverse needs in welding and metalworking projects.

Creative Budget Satisfied

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KAILI Ipoh Trading

KAILI Ipoh Trading specializes in providing top-notch services in housing grills, Autogate systems, and awning installations. With a focus on quality and expertise, they cater to the needs of customers seeking reliable solutions for home security and aesthetic enhancements.

Handmade 靓, price 靓. Best choice in the whole city.

Chan Wai Choonk


MKS WORKS in Ipoh excels in delivering top-quality solutions for awnings, grill gates, and various metalworks. With a commitment to excellence, they offer powder-coated grills, Pu Metal pergola awnings, and metal deck awnings. MKS WORKS stands out for providing superior products at affordable “Marhaen” prices.


MIJ MAJU ENT specializes in a comprehensive range of services, including awnings with various materials such as ACP, PU Metal, polycarbonate, glass, and metal deck. They also excel in crafting durable and stylish home grills and gates, offering a versatile selection for their clientele.

Good workmanship & quality💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Highly recommended👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Amri N Adilah SB

very recommended... 👍👍tidy work... a team that is easy to deal with... Time for tomorrow team MIJ Maju... ☺️☺️ may all our affairs be eased asbab ease our affairs.... 🤩

Nur Hidayah Nuriz

The results of satisfactory work Orders completed within promised time Installation work completed on time Very happy to deal with MIJ

ریدزا إحسان

MZH RESOURCES (Welding Grill Awning Pagar Ipoh)

MZH RESOURCES in Ipoh provides expert welding services, specializing in crafting fences, grills, awnings, and more. With a focus on precision and durability, they offer reliable solutions for residential and commercial needs, ensuring quality workmanship for their clients in the Ipoh region.

This brother does the best. Most importantly it's quality and cheap price.

Ameer Rashid

Arbani Legacy (Grill dan awning bajet Ipoh)

Arbani Legacy, based in Ipoh, offers a comprehensive range of services including electrical wiring, renovation, grill and awning installation, as well as furniture and tabletop solutions. Known for budget-friendly options, they cater to diverse needs, ensuring quality craftsmanship in grill and awning installations for their clients in Ipoh.

The best service, easy to negotiate. fast work 👍👍👍 alhamdulillah completed. thank you..

Stone Heart

Membuat Awning Grill Rumah, Tingkap, Pintu Ipoh Perak

Specializing in crafting awnings and grill installations for homes in Ipoh, Perak, this skilled service ensures top-quality work for houses, windows, and doors. They bring expertise to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, catering to the specific needs of clients in the Ipoh and Perak region.

PSM weldings

PSM Weldings prides itself on a dedication to delivering excellence in every project undertaken. With a focus on crafting high-quality products, their commitment is evident in providing customers with superior results. The company maintains an ethos of offering these exceptional outcomes at reasonable and competitive prices, ensuring client satisfaction.

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Construction Grille Work/Installer House Renovation

Top 10 Grille Work/Installer in Muar

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Construction Grille Work/Installer House Renovation

Top 07 Grille Work/Installer in Bukit Mertajam

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