Top 10 Roof Repair Specialist in Sungai Buloh


Leading expert firm in the roof repair industry is HS ROOF REPAIR SOLUTIONS. In Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur (KL), our corporate headquarters are situated. Having worked in the field for many years, we have established a good reputation for offering consumers quick and effective roof repair services. Since we are aware of how crucial the structural integrity of the roof is to the security and comfort of your home or place of business, HS ROOF REPAIR SOLUTIONS makes an ongoing effort to offer the best service possible while also upholding the highest standards set by the sector.

Services: Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof inspection – Waterproofing – Emergency Roof Repair and Restoration – Chimney and Vent Repair – Metal Deck Replacement – Roof Ridge Repair – Gutter repairs – Skylight repair – Attic venting repair – Roof Inspection.

The roofer turned up on time and fixed the roof with no problems at all. Courteous and professional, I am happy to recommend them.

Anuar Ishak

They were punctual and replaced the roof in one day, as promised. They worked very efficiently, professionally and cleanly and explained all the processes involved ; coming slightly under the given price. I am delighted with the very high quality of their workmanship and their excellent customer relations, being polite, friendly, helpful and considerate. They are specialists in their field and I would recommend them.

Lee Choon Chuan

very good experienced with this company, reasonable price, best service and well communicating, overall they were so expertise managing their jobs. well done!

Henry Liew

Trying to resolve large roof problems left by a company who make look like Play School, HS Roof Repair Solutions were everthing you needed when an expensive failed repair was flooding your home on a Sunday. They were quick, knowledgeable suggesting the best way to deal with it and how. more than happy to get them in for sorting it out which is the best test of a good company.

SK Line Shop
Lee Chin Plumbing & Roof Repair Services

For the past ten years, Lee Chin Plumbing, Roof Repair, and Electrical services have been offered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Professional electricians for both residential and commercial use are readily available in your region at competitive prices.

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Roof waterproofing- Plumbing.

Very responsive all the works ,in the ways on time and job.good job guys on this team.

Kit Abalos

Good service and fast

Mau KianYi

Good work on the time

Rana Bilal

Very good, very clean, good service

Yu fan Low
Redhaus Solutions - Roof Repair Specialist Selangor & Kuala Lumpur

For the past 30 years, we have been passionately specializing in roof repair. We provide roof leak repair, waterproofing, replacement, installation, coating, gutter cleaning, and other roof-related services. Please contact us for some honest advise, regardless of whether you need a simple roof repair following storm damage or are preparing to replace or restore your current, outdated roof. With regard to concrete, metal, tile, and shingle roofs, REDHAUS SOLUTIONS has a great deal of experience.

I had a serious roof leak problem at the mid section of my 2-storey house. I engaged a couple of contractors for inspection and they came back with similar quotations. What made me chose Redhaus, Lawrence/Charles, was because of their professionalism. They explained the problem clearly and provided options for the repair. I must admit that my decision to engage them was a very good choice as even after 8 months, I don't find any leakage & problem has been solved completely. Their work quality is top notch with constant supervision by Charles. No more sleepless nights even with thunderstorms during this monsoon season. I would highly recommend Redhaus for any roof or gutter repair works. Happy Chinese New Year!

Kenji Lee

Thanks to Redhaus Solutions for a professional job. well done!!. On time , efficient and engaging on every step. Despite the heavy rains and the need to stop for a say. Yet they we were able to finish on time and ahead of schedule. I engaged them to repair major leaks in the roof in parents house and very pleased with their services and quality of work.I will definitely engage their services for a peace of mind.

Najat A

Well done to Lawrence and team. I am very happy to see the results of your works which are professionally done and reliable. Most importantly you have solved the leaking problems of my house. I will definitely recommend your services to whoever requires any roof repairs and replacement. You also have a pool of well trained workers who are skillful, resourceful, well mannered and they have good attitude. Wishing you every success in your business.

Deyao Lim

Very Good Service, Quality & Price are responable & worth to their services👍👍👍. My house have the water leakage problem due to the malfunction gutter. Redhaus are professional to settle the problem by reinstall the gutter and helps to repair the damaged ceiling. They have a good service as they will have follow up after their work done to ensure their Quality provided👍. Since their services around 1year +, there have no more water leakage🤩🤩!!!!

Ming Xuan Poh
Mirajan Enterprise

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Roof waterproofing.

Mr. Alam, and he team come to my places at Rawang to quote the service that I requested from him. And I notice that another company is quote more higher then Mirajan Enterprise. And I decide to choose him. My house renovations is done prefect and nice. It is very Professional and reliable service... recommended �

Aloysius Wong Zee Yao

we did our wedding hall renovation with a realiable price with excelent job by mirajan enterprise

Saroj Kent

Best contractor in the town.

Wong Sam

Highly recommend Good service they provide very friendly team 👍👍👍👍

Mkas Rahman
Roof Specialist

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Roof waterproofing – Solar Panel Installation.

Installed for a week the room is no longer boring recommend!!!

Chan Seong Han

Very professional advise and experienced workers. Responsive to any questions and always ready to give ad hoc suggestions.

Johnson Heng

Cheap price, service work in place Get all the work done as soon as possible highly recommend

Avery Tan

Good service, very kind, very nice, very sincerely recommend this seller

荔荔 坊

Services: Roof Repair – Roof Replacement – Roof Installation – Gutter Installation – Gutter Cleaning – Gutter Repair – Gutter Replacement – Waterproofing – Plumbing Services – Contractor. 

Neat and quality work

Pendiy Hariyanto

Satisfied with the work

Daniel Haikal

neat work

mhd jamil

best service

muhammadnursyafiq ismail

Desa Aman offers a variety of services, including as waterproofing homes and structures to reduce the risk of slips and falls in high-risk zones. We also offer a variety of services for all types of building leaks, are experts in waterproofing work, and perform other associated tasks like fixing roofs and installing pipes.

Services: Fibre Mesh Waterproofing – Injection Waterproofing – Roofing Repairing Services – Piping and Gutter Repair.

I have issues with Roof Leak. I called and they arrive within 1-2 days. They checked properly and clearly explained to me the issue my house is having. Workmanship is also very professional and I am very glad that they are very accommodating to my requests and worked within my budget.Thank you to the team and good job.

Chermaine Lim

I discovered Desa Aman through Instagram ads. Contacted them for my bathroom and roof water leakage problems. They came and gave free consultation and quotation.After comparing with 3 other contractors, I decided to choose Desa Aman because of their clear explanation and reasonable price.100% recommended. Professional from start to finish. Everything was very systematic, every worker has their own task and everyone knows their role. Execution was on time just as promised.One of the best part is, they can use DJi drone to check your roof when it's raining and dangerous to go up there hahaha.

Adawiyah Azmi

My roof leak was repaired last week, so now stress free. Very clear and professional explanation of the expert before repairing. The price is affordable. Great services provide by the team. Thank you.

Jessica Chan

Very good service and they manage to solve my roof leaking issue and water proofing. Recommended !

Pancaran Gemilang Constructions

Located in Kubu Gajah Village, Sungai Buloh, PANCARAN GEMILANG CONSTRUCTIONS is a G1 Bumiputera construction firm that was formally registered with CIDB, MOF in 2019. Our areas of competence include building and restoring homes, landscaping, creating bridges surrounding Sungai Buloh in Selangor, and building swimming pools. Our company’s manager has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the building industry. Those who have known him have never questioned the outcomes of his labor. He is a guy of professionalism and diligence who prioritizes high quality and assured work results. He is also thorough in his work, trustworthy, and friendly.Additionally, our crew is knowledgeable and proficient in every facet of building a house.

Renovation – Construction – Remodelling – Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Roof waterproofing.

The home renovation work done is very satisfactory and neat and takes care of quality and cleanliness. Reasonable price and easy to discuss.recommended.👍


The best contractor.. I recommend the best..

Rahmatrahmat Rahmatrahmat

Every job punctual finish. Good services and always follow what customer need. Good relationship with customer.

fida Fyd

R & DY enterprise

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Tile installation – Plaster & Ceiling – Fence Door Install – Install Doors & Windows – Install Kitchen Cabinet & Tabletop – Painting Exterior & Interior – Grill & Awning – Wiring.

Specialist Roofing & Plumber Service Sungai Buloh

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Plumbing – Renovation – Construction. 

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