Top 15 Roof Repair Specialist in KL

PJM Roofer (Pembinaan Juta Mulia Sdn. Bhd.)

In Malaysia, PJM Roofer is a recognized roofing company with more than 20 years of expertise. We specialize in offering commercial, warehouse, factory, and industrial clients premium roofing solutions. Our skilled team provides a variety of services, such as roofing upkeep, gutter repair, roof waterproofing, fabrication of roof structures, and polycarbonate roof installation. In order to fulfill the individual demands of each of our customers, we are dedicated to offering great workmanship and specialized solutions.

Engaged them as my kid's bedroom and the kichen roof was leaking when it rained very heavily. I guess the time I call, they were busy with other work so I had to follow up on the appointment. Their guys came and checked the area required repairs and came up with detailed report. The price was reasonable and the quality of work is really good & professionally done. Will definitely engage them again for all roof related works. Thanks


5* for service, workmanship and price. They are sincere in helping me fix my leaking roof and will only fix what is broken and will not suggest unnecessary repair work. Their workmanship and roofing material is top notch and of high quality. I’m so glad that I chose this roofer over the rest. I strongly and highly recommend this roofer. My sincere appreciation and thanks for helping me solved my roofing problems. Thank you Swan and team!

Lee huei Low

If you're reading this and you're looking for somebody to repair your roof, don't look anymore. Juta Mulia has been super responsive and responsible. I hired them to fix my entire roof and they did it at a reasonable price. Secondly, they honour their warranty. When there were leaks, they came on time and fixed it. No problem ever since and it has been 2 years.If interested, just call and ask for Stefan. Juta Mulia, jutaan terima kasih.


Professional, good work ethics and skills. Got the job done quickly plus good support from office staff. Special thanks to Manager-Mr Caesar Foo for attending to all my queries promptly. Wish I had known about PJM Roofer earlier, they take the stress out of roof leaks repairs. Highly recommended.


Services: Loft ventilation – Roof installation – Skylight installation – Gutter installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Skylight repair – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Plumbing – Electrician – Contractor.

He's good contractor easy to handle with and he giving best solution for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on his service

Amier Ruzaini

The service provided by this company is top notch by the professionals. Never expect less from them especially in terms of customer’s satisfaction 👌🏻✨✨

Aiman Firdaus Aziz

Before giving the quotation, he will come to see the site or place to be repaired first. The price is very reasonable and the service is the best! Good job and thank you so much!

Humairah Husna

Alhamdulillah. Nice to deal with, careful work, the most important thing! quality! May it be made easier and blessed with sustenance! thank you boss 🙏

Harith Haikal
Urban Solutions Services Sdn Bhd

Industrial professional technicians of Urban Solution Services Sdn Bhd (USSSB) conduct high risk work to all of Malaysia. Our company was founded with the intention of assisting our clients in achieving high standards of sustainability and safety in their business operations. We pledge to interact with our customers. Every task we are given gives us the chance to demonstrate how carefully we work to deliver our clients the best solution. We provide our clients with access to challenging locations or areas because we are experts in high-rise cleaning and façade maintenance in addition to working in small spaces.

Services: Roof Inspection – Roof Repair – Roof Replacement – Gutter Cleaning – Gutter Repair – Gutter Replacement – Gutter Guard Installation – Flashing Repair and Installation – Sealing and Waterproofing – Roof and Gutter Insulation – High Rise Building Window Cleaning – Facade Cleaning – Commercial Cleaning – Confine Space Cleaning & Maintenance – Commercial Painting Service.

Professional, punctual and result oriented. Excellent job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Noor Dasilla

Nice to deal with. Solid service.

Husaini Rahmat

trusted company and best service 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Raffe Razak

Quality work meeting requirement set.

Niq Asrul

Leading expert firm in the roof repair industry is HS ROOF REPAIR SOLUTIONS. In Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur (KL), our corporate headquarters are situated. Having worked in the field for many years, we have established a good reputation for offering consumers quick and effective roof repair services. Since we are aware of how crucial the structural integrity of the roof is to the security and comfort of your home or place of business, HS ROOF REPAIR SOLUTIONS makes an ongoing effort to offer the best service possible while also upholding the highest standards set by the sector.

Services: Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof inspection – Waterproofing – Emergency Roof Repair and Restoration – Chimney and Vent Repair – Metal Deck Replacement – Roof Ridge Repair – Gutter repairs – Skylight repair – Attic venting repair – Roof Inspection.

The roofer turned up on time and fixed the roof with no problems at all. Courteous and professional, I am happy to recommend them.

Anuar Ishak

They were punctual and replaced the roof in one day, as promised. They worked very efficiently, professionally and cleanly and explained all the processes involved ; coming slightly under the given price. I am delighted with the very high quality of their workmanship and their excellent customer relations, being polite, friendly, helpful and considerate. They are specialists in their field and I would recommend them.

Lee Choon Chuan

very good experienced with this company, reasonable price, best service and well communicating, overall they were so expertise managing their jobs. well done!

Henry Liew

Trying to resolve large roof problems left by a company who make look like Play School, HS Roof Repair Solutions were everthing you needed when an expensive failed repair was flooding your home on a Sunday. They were quick, knowledgeable suggesting the best way to deal with it and how. more than happy to get them in for sorting it out which is the best test of a good company.

SK Line Shop
Aathaworld Sdn Bhd.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a representation of disruptive innovation in the engineering and construction industries. Our goal is to change the dominant game rules now used in the construction sector. It goes hand in hand with our mission, which commits us to always look for chances to support creative ideas and products with the aim of raising global standards of living and adding value.

Thanks for your good work on our asphalt shingles roofing, appreciate for the effort too because you all managed to get it done before CNY. My husband likes the house so much, haha. I shall recommend your company to more peopleThanks for your good work on our asphalt shingles roofing, appreciate for the effort too because you all managed to get it done before CNY. My husband likes the house so much, haha. I shall recommend your company to more people

Wincy Nee

Has been dealing with Aathaworld for quite some time and they have been providing professional and quality services. Would definitely recommend their company.


Hi, Aathaworld team, thanks for getting our roofing and flooring works done within the committed period. Good business ahead and we will recommend your company to our friends too 🙂

Helen Chew

Best service.

Abu Huzaifah

Services: Roof Repair – Roof Replacement – Roof Installation – Gutter Installation – Gutter Cleaning – Gutter Repair – Gutter Replacement – Waterproofing – Plumbing Services – Contractor. 

Neat and quality work

Pendiy Hariyanto

Satisfied with the work

Daniel Haikal

neat work

mhd jamil

best service

muhammadnursyafiq ismail
Wai Hong Brothers Sdn. Bhd. (HQ)

Founded in 2001, Wai Hong Brothers Sdn. Bhd. The company’s warehouse and offices are located at the Seri Kembangan Light Industrial Plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which also houses three industries with a combined floor space of 4,500 square feet. Tan Su Kim and Tan Soo Fong, two brothers who followed their father Mr. Chen Fu into the construction business and have a strong foundation in the field, created WHB. We work on projects in the fields of waterproofing, roof leakage, gutter, waterproof injection, and others.

Services: Roof Refurbisement / Replacement – High-Rise Building Roof Repairs – Metal Roof Installation And Repair- Application Of App Torch On Waterproofing Membrane – UV / Heat Insulation Ceramic Coating On Roof Tiles – Heat And Sound Insulation System For Building – Roof Trusses Replacement, Strengthen And Repair – Roof Shingle Replacement And Repair – Roof Tiles Replacement – Wall Cracks Repairs With Pu Injection And Polyurethane Coat – Flat Roof / Slab Waterproofing System / Leaks Solution – Gutter Replacement And Repairs – Wire Netting Installation To Prevent Animals From Entering The Roof – Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane.

We had a great experience with this company right from the first phone call Mr Hong was great and explained everything to me very patiently and didn’t mind further explanation if I needed it. The Supervisor Mr Quen Pei constantly update & send photos on the work progress. I felt very confident having them work around my house. Your staff was both kind and courteous while working on my home. At the end of each day, the job site was always clean and safe. They did a good cleanup job and were finished on time. Thank you


I had always find difficulty of getting good roof specialist or they are too costly. Therefore, I tried search google and contacted a few companies. However, Wai Hong Brothers is the best and this is the first time I engaged a roof specialist searched from google! To my surprise, they are really professional and my roofing problem/leaking are all solved with a reasonable and affordable price. The bosses and workers are very kind and friendly. They are willing to provide advices even if you do not wish to engage them to do your job after their free consultation. Many thanks to the great team of Wai Hong Brothers! Please continue with your great service.

Audrey Gan

Wai Hong Brothers did a very good job on my house roof replacement. The price I paid was worth the money with the quality of workmanship and attention given. Franky the site supervisor did a good job in overseeing the entire project from end to end. Franky ensure each work are recorded and provide daily update on the progress. His expertise in the entire project was well managed. His humble personality and great persona create a great communication and collaboration between Wai Hong Company and the house owner. Thanks Franky for the great work you have provided. Big Thumbs Up to you. 👍👍👍

CL Hee

Job well done.. good job 👍 👍 👏👏 first thanks you ..Mr Aden supervisor 😊😊 and workers . hard work 😉 and work professional and good quality 💪💪 and oso thanks Ms michell good service and thanks again to wai Hong brother. I will directly recommend to My friend..

Peter Teh

Desa Aman offers a variety of services, including as waterproofing homes and structures to reduce the risk of slips and falls in high-risk zones. We also offer a variety of services for all types of building leaks, are experts in waterproofing work, and perform other associated tasks like fixing roofs and installing pipes.

Services: Fibre Mesh Waterproofing – Injection Waterproofing – Roofing Repairing Services – Piping and Gutter Repair.

I have issues with Roof Leak. I called and they arrive within 1-2 days. They checked properly and clearly explained to me the issue my house is having. Workmanship is also very professional and I am very glad that they are very accommodating to my requests and worked within my budget.Thank you to the team and good job.

Chermaine Lim

I discovered Desa Aman through Instagram ads. Contacted them for my bathroom and roof water leakage problems. They came and gave free consultation and quotation.After comparing with 3 other contractors, I decided to choose Desa Aman because of their clear explanation and reasonable price.100% recommended. Professional from start to finish. Everything was very systematic, every worker has their own task and everyone knows their role. Execution was on time just as promised.One of the best part is, they can use DJi drone to check your roof when it's raining and dangerous to go up there hahaha.

Adawiyah Azmi

My roof leak was repaired last week, so now stress free. Very clear and professional explanation of the expert before repairing. The price is affordable. Great services provide by the team. Thank you.

Jessica Chan

Very good service and they manage to solve my roof leaking issue and water proofing. Recommended !

Lim plumbing And Electrical services

Services: Roof Installation – Roof Repair – Roof Inspection – Renovation – Exterior Repaint – Remodeling – General Repairs – Construction. 

Alhadulillah, the leaky roof problem is over.. Local specialist worker. The price is affordable. Bileh bincanhblagi .. very recommed

hizan syah zuki

had a leakage on my roof and they able to fix it on time. I whatsapp them on saturday and they able to schedule it on the same day. They will identify the root cause of the issue and show you to it together with the solution. Costing also roughly will be given. Overall i am satisfied with the service they provided. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ghaffar Ali

Recommended, local contractor. Fast and worth it God willing. Thank you bro

Hairam Azhari

Recommended for anyone who doesnt know how to fix things in your house. they will recommend you quality items with valueable price. Good.

Yahya Plumber & Renovation

Services: Roof Repairing – Roof Cleaning – Gutter Cleaning – Metal Deck Replacement – Roof Inspection – Roof Ridge Repair – Roof Installation – Plumbing – Contractor.

Very good work. The price also valuable and all workers are sporting to talk with.

Idham Amer

Honesty, punctuality & perfectionist

Kimie Nisme

Satisfied with the work. Neat & beautiful. On time & reasonable price. Recommended.

Ariel Garcia

Nice and clean Work . Recommended. Local worker 👍👍 tq

Irwan kamil
Redhaus Solutions

Our primary area of expertise and what we have been passionate about for the past 30 years is roof repair. Our roofing services include fixing leaky roofs, waterproofing roofs, replacing roofs, installing roofs, applying roof coatings, and mending gutters Speak with us to obtain some unbiased guidance, regardless of whether you need a simple roof repair to fix storm damage or you want to replace or restore your old roof. In addition to concrete roofs, REDHAUS SOLUTIONS has a great deal of experience dealing with tiled roofs, metal roofs, and roof shingles.

Services: Gutter installation – Gutter repairs – Roof inspection – Roof installation – Roof repair – Roof repair for storm and wind damage – Roof leaking repair – Roof replacement – Roof waterproofing.

Well done to Lawrence and team. I am very happy to see the results of your works which are professionally done and reliable. Most importantly you have solved the leaking problems of my house. I will definitely recommend your services to whoever requires any roof repairs and replacement. You also have a pool of well trained workers who are skillful, resourceful, well mannered and they have good attitude. Wishing you every success in your business.

Deyao Lim

Solve my bungalow leaked roof and gutter ,handmade is very good.important is their staff is so keen to explain to us the best solution with the lowest cost. Staff service attitude is very good, some small problems to help me solve there is no charge.Reasonable price with good skill. Friendly too and keep my place clean after all job done. Definitely will recommend you to others.

teeh miki

Very Good Service, Quality & Price are responable & worth to their services👍👍👍. My house have the water leakage problem due to the malfunction gutter. Redhaus are professional to settle the problem by reinstall the gutter and helps to repair the damaged ceiling. They have a good service as they will have follow up after their work done to ensure their Quality provided👍. Since their services around 1year +, there have no more water leakage🤩🤩!!!!

Ming Xuan Poh

They’ve done an excellent and neat job. 💪🏼Daily work done report like no other contractor did. Meet expectations, solve my problem with great service. Definitely worth every penny.

Stewart Beh
Koon Ken Metal Engineering Sdn Bhd

On September 5, 2005, Koon Ken Metal Engineering Sdn Bhd was founded and officially opened for business. The company’s founder, Mr. Chua Koon Fong, has extensive experience in metal building and has worked on significant projects all around Malaysia. Our aggressive approach to supplying workmanship for the domestic market, which includes a wide selection of Roof, Grille, and Platform, as well as any other Metalworks, is based on our 20 years of experience in the steel business.

Had a very great experience dealing with Peggy. She always very patient in explaining the details and prompt reply to all my queries. Also special credit to installation team that lead by Herwin, very good quality awning has done by the team. The team will help to clean up the site area before they leave. 👍🏻👍🏻

Tee Kar Jin

Had a good experience dealing with Koon Ken ,done the awning at my backyard, they done a great work ,totally worth the money to do this roofing. Thanks for Peggy

Adeline Thoo

Installed few roofing. Great work done by the team they have! Work was done very quickly too, with the huge team that they have. Highly recommend.


Had great experience dealing with Koon Ken Metal Engineering for my awning and aluminium strip ceiling. Served by Peggy, whose been very accommodative to all my requests and very patient in explaining the details of the installation process. Good service and excellent workmanship!

leyha y
Excellent Vision Technology Sdn Bhd.

EVT, also known as Excellent Vision Technology Sdn Bhd, specializes in high-end renovation and development. Over the past eight years, EVT has established a strong national presence and a stellar reputation in the construction sector. Since 2012, EVT has led the way in the industry by offering specialized refurbishment services in high-rise residential, commercial office, hotel, and leisure buildings as well as industrial, public sector, and retail buildings.

Services: Roof & Gutter Repair – Planned And Reactive Roof Maintenance – Metal Deck & Roof Tiles Repair And Replacement – Gutter Repair And Replacement – Roof & Floor Coating – Rooftop/skylight cleaning – External Cleaning.

Great company and great people, recommended by me Darren Yeo

CRS Reno

Reliable painting contractor with integrity. Best price

David Chong


Bashir Ahmed
Hong Seng Plumbing Roof Repair

We are capable of clearing and repairing both large and small pipelines. In addition, we provide waterproofing and roof leak repair services. You may depend on us to fix any plumbing or sanitary installation issues you may have, and we will do so at a very affordable cost. You can be confident that you won’t run into the same issue again in the near future because we are the experts in this sector. We offer services in a few places near Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Very good plumbing service provided. We had them to do some minor plumbing repair and installation. The work was done neatly and professional by Mr Kevin and team. They also come on time and responsive . Thank you and well recommended to all.

Hasrin Edzwan

Solve my bungalow leaked roof and gutter ,handmade is very good.important is their staff is so keen to explain to us the best solution with the lowest cost. Staff service attitude is very good, some small problems to help me solve there is no charge.Reasonable price with good skill. Friendly too and keep my place clean after all job done. Definitely will recommend you to others.

teeh miki

Excellent service! Just fixed my house roof and no leaking after a few past days of heavy rain! Appreciate that they have very in depth knowledge and willing to take the time to explain to us on what they are doing. Definitely will use their services again. Good job!

Hui Hiang Law

Thanks for the great service provided and the reasonable price given. I am very satisfied for their service and my problem solved. Thanks. 5 Star Service!!! Great!!! Well done!!!

Jervis Lee
Pro Home

Pro Home is an expert in providing building upkeep services. We firmly think that producing high-quality work is essential to forging enduring bonds with our clients. Our primary services include installing new roof and gutter systems, replacing old roof and gutter systems, maintaining roof and gutter systems with waterproofing services, and fixing leaky roof and gutter systems.

The work is excellent and the workers are active in their work. I recommend dealing with them and their prices are average

Abdullah Mohamed

The workers are very professional and the price is very reasonable. It is worth recommending👍


Have a variety of good services, whether it is painting, roofing and plumbing. Very professional and great attitude!

Jeremy Poh

First time try the service. Good service and reasonable price . Will call again if have any leaking and roofing problem

Sherlly Ong

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