Trends 2021: what’s relevant in this year’s interior design?

Home is the most important place in a person’s life. We come here to relax, work, build strength, spend time with family, and raise our children. Of course, when designing such a large room, you should first consider your personal tastes and preferences. However, like us, you are motivated by beautiful things, enjoy change, and are prepared to embrace it, then welcome. To facilitate your task in creating the perfect interior, we have put together all the style trends of 2021.

In harmony with nature

Natural materials have retained their value for several years. Environmentally friendly plastic is also squeezed out of interiors by wood, glass, stone, metal, and synthetic fabrics in upholstery and furniture replaced with natural ones. Unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics, and wicker furniture are all hot this season.

Nature is also reflected in the decorative elements and prints. Animals, birds, leaves, and flowers are becoming more common in modern city interiors. The unmistakable hit of 2020 is vivid tropical motifs and an extreme floral print, leaving the walls and decor elements in the current year.

Power of color

The focus on vivid palettes and rich colours in furniture design, lamps, and accessories are major colour trends. Pastel colours, influenced by Scandinavian design, are no longer common. It’s no surprise that the Pantone colour institute selected Ultra Violet as the year’s primary colour.

Violet is a complex, dominant colour that is unlikely to become popular because it has a bohemian feel. Powdery pink, terracotta, honey-yellow, mustard, green, and Oceanside are among the new colours of the year recommended by the interior for lovers of more restrained tones (or blue-grey-green).

All facets of metal

Metal in the home is not only functional but also fashionable. If this substance was once only used in the bathroom and kitchen, it is now found everywhere. Designers continue to choose warm metals such as brass, bronze, and copper. Metal lamps look great next to marble, glass, and concrete, and velvet would look great around coffee tables and tables.

All kinds of black metal coatings are rapidly becoming stylish. Strict and elegant, this color fits perfectly into any interior and gives the room a sculptural graphic.

Textured walls

Another common trend in apartment design is the addition of additional elements to the interior wall architecture. Fabric upholstery takes the place of wallpaper and decorative plaster. A variety of wall panels, especially those made of precious wood, are also widespread. Their textured surface evokes a sense of being close to nature while also providing additional heat and sound insulation in the room.

The charm of luxury

The so-called modern interior design style is increasingly fading. The patterns for 2021 are sleek luxury with elements of art deco from the previous century’s 20s. Individual elements of the design resurface symmetrical space arrangement, gilded details, noble colours, and various mirrors. The sophistication of the 20s coexists comfortably with the classics, contrasts perfectly with the minimalism of the Scandinavian style and emphasizes the loft’s brutality.

Expensive fabrics, marble, precious woods, and metals are once again at the height of their popularity. When it comes to upholstery, velvet has an undeniable advantage. Many furniture designers used velvet upholstery in their tops this season, particularly in colours inspired by precious stones like sapphire, citrine, emerald, and amethyst. As a result, antique furniture is experiencing a new wave of popularity.

Individualization course

Surprisingly, the most critical design trend for 2021 is ignoring these trends and instead personalising and changing the interior primarily for yourself. All that is dear to residents are concentrated in this individual approach to design, and their preferences and tastes are taken into account. The interior is no longer limited to the framework of one style, but follows primarily the needs and preferences of the owners.

Designer furniture is becoming increasingly popular as a result of this trend toward individualization. Armchairs, sofas, and carpets are designed by well-known fashion designers, musicians, and sculptors. Collaborations are released in limited batches, reinforcing the product’s exclusivity and elitism.  Even if you don’t have access to one-of-a-kind designer furniture and decor, the mass market is now attempting to manufacture items that can be easily personalised by adjusting the position of lamps, shelves, and modules, for example.

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