What Kinds of Services Does an Architect Offer? Here’s a Quick Guide to Getting Started.

A building designer is not the same as an architect. He or she is a highly qualified, licensed professional who provides valuable services to both his or her clients and the general public. This article outlines the numerous services that an architect provides as well as the numerous abilities that an architect possesses.

Architectural services entail two interconnected but distinct tasks: the planning and design of structures and spaces, as well as the administration of construction contracts on behalf of clients.

The phases of a typical construction project, as well as the role of architectural services during each step, are as follows:

Initial consultation, Schematic Design, and Pre-Design

When a customer meets with an architect, they work together to identify the building’s objective and basic criteria, known as the program. An architect can also provide other pre-design services, such as master planning and historical research on existing buildings or places. During this highly collaborative approach, an architect assists the customer in making the most informed decision possible from the very beginning of the project. Throughout the project, the architect may assist the client in identifying opportunities, cost savings, and added value that he or she may not be aware of.

Creation of Architecture

Once the client has chosen a scheme, the rough design is turned into a functioning set of plans and elevations. Design development sketches assist the customer and contractor gain a clearer idea of what the building will look like before the final contract documents are signed. This opportunity for review before the contract agreements are completed will make a significant difference in the client’s understanding of the scope, quality, and pricing of a project.

Construction and Documents

Designs, elevations, and other drawings are refined to produce a collection of drawings and specifications that will be utilized to create the house. To ensure a high-quality finished dwelling, the architect collaborates with the client to select appropriate materials and finishes. Depending on the scale of the project or as required by law, the architect will engage with other design experts such as civil, structural, or mechanical engineers.

Construction Contract Administration

During construction, the architect represents the client to ensuring that the contractor and subcontractors adhere to the plans and specifications. An architect’s fee is set in stone, but as a design contract manager, he or she will serve as an objective, unbiased observer and advocate for the client.

Architects can supply all of these services or just a few, depending on the demands of the customer. An architect’s fee reflects the quantity of work he or she must complete and can be calculated in a variety of ways depending on the project and customer.

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