The History and Future of Smart Locks

The History of smart lock

Why Is It Important to Study History?

Smart door locks were nearly associated with high-end home remodelling in the early years. In reality, there has been about 20 years of development history since the introduction of smart door locks. However, smart door locks were still highly costly at the time, and some of them were not up to par in terms of performance. The hotel business was the first to implement smart door locks in the country. This type of hotel lock is unlocked using a card or other radio frequency schemes, which provides the maximum comfort to consumers while also making hotel administration more easy and effective by eliminating the storage hassle and management complexity created by mechanical keys. 

Before 2010, smart door locks were frequently presented in a stand-alone smart form (in the form of a combination of passwords and fingerprints) and the mechanical lock structure was retained, according to the 2017 Smart Lock Application and Development White Paper released by Alibaba in collaboration with a number of smart door lock manufacturers in 2017. However, in practise, this type of door lock is practically a single solution to the problem of unlocking, with no other functions. The smart door lock was more like a “electronic door lock” at the time, and many hotel door locks are still in this state.

Manufacturers appear to have been researching more sophisticated directions for smart door locks between 2011 and 2014. During this time, the smart door lock evolved from a single door lock to a “omni-directional smart lock” with the addition of SIM card communication. Although the door lock can’t be linked right now, it can send a text message to the user’s phone and has some remote security features. Because SIM card communication is reliant on the operator’s number resources and services, the intelligent electronic door lock may have a difficulty, such as a programme failure and inability to open, if a violent SMS attack is faced. This level of advancement clearly does not qualify the door lock as “smart.”

Since 2015, we’ve seen an increase in the number of intelligent door locks with networking capabilities. The development of smart door locks has once again ushered in the spring, thanks to the Internet of Things and fingerprint bio-locking technology. Guests may now set the smart door locks using a mobile phone APP, and the smart door locks can be linked to other smart items in the room to create clever scenes like “the lights will switch on when visitors enter the room.” With the addition of the real-time remote alarm feature, an increasing number of smart door locks have begun to use the C-class lock core, bringing the smart door lock’s security to a new level. 

The Future of Smart Door Lock

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-Deadbolt Innovation for Your Door

Over the last decade, smart door lock Malaysia technology has gone through numerous phases. We’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how the future of entry security will look from numerous devices merging IP, wireless, IoT, and Bluetooth technologies with your ordinary deadbolt. So, there are so many reason why should buy a digital smart lock.

The convergence of technology is paving the way for big advancements in electronic locking devices. Embedding cameras, as well as the use of Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and WiFi, have all had a role in the modern lock’s appearance.

-Professional Installation and Industry-Leading Technology

Many of us are both thrilled and surprised by the possibility to automate our door locks. Smart automation has so many options that keeping up with the advancements in current technology might be difficult. To sum up, Broiskin advises us to keep an open mind about the approaching decade of automatic locks: “Have an open mind.” The most significant developments in 2020, and most likely the next decade, will necessitate a shift in security philosophy. It’s no longer about who goes in and out of an aperture when it comes to access control. It’s all about how and what happens in the start. Security, convenience, and much more are all part of access control.”


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